Michael B. Jordan talks Fantastic Four casting

Michael B. Jordan has been discussing his rumoured role in Josh Trank’s forthcoming Fantastic Four rejig, with the actor addressing the online reaction to his casting.

Jordan refused to confirm that he will be playing the Human Torch AKA Johnny Storm, but he has reacted to those fans disgruntled to see a traditionally white character being played by an African-American actor.

“I think times are changing,” says Jordan. “It's 2014. Comic-books in general were established when we didn't have civil rights, for the most part.

“So there weren't a lot of comic-book characters who were geared towards us, period. We weren't the market that comic books were made for in the beginning.

“But as times change and things move on, I think us as a people need to evolve as well in our thinking and not be so narrow-minded.”

Hear hear. The Fantastic Four will open in the UK on 18 June 2015.

George Wales

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