McG directing Dead Spy Running

McG has found at least one project he’ll move on to once the long slog of Terminator: Salvation is complete: he’ll direct Dead Spy Running for Warners.

The film will be based on British journalist Jon Stock’s book which – in a shocking move for a novel picked up by a Hollywood studio – has yet to be published, reports Variety .

Dead Spy Running will arrive next year as part of a three-book deal with HarperCollins imprint Blue Door.

Origin Story

Little is known about the plot, aside from the fact that it will detail the origin story of a new spy. Oh, and it’s apparently very good – a blend of John Le Carre and Jason Bourne, if one reviewer is to be believed.

Of course, if Terminator: Salvation doesn’t please fans, McG might want to do a little research by going undercover himself.