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Matthew Vaughn writing Kingsman 2

Having raked in more than $400 million at the global box office, Kingsman: The Secret Service was a big hit for Fox, so much so that it seems a sequel is on the way. What's more, Matthew Vaughn has confirmed his involvement, revealing to Yahoo! (opens in new tab) that he is currently writing a script.

"The good news is I’m writing it next door at the moment," says Vaughn, "and if I think I can get the script good enough, then we’ll make it. Stay tuned, but we’re doing our damnedest to make that happen."

"I’m trying to reinvent how to do a sequel right now and it’s tough," continued Vaughn, but the screenwriter clammed up when pressed for further details. He had previously hinted that a potential sequel might cover an American branch of the Kingsman programme, although whether it will still take that direction remains to be seen…

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