Marc Forster directing World War Z

Marc Forster, fresh from bringing the world Quantum Of Solace, has signed on to helm Paramount’s adaptation of Max Brooks’ beloved cult novel World War Z.

Brooks’ book chronicles a devastating war against the undead that ravaged every country across the planet. The novel is penned from the point of view of a researcher who explores the issue 10 years after the crisis.

Changeling’s J Michael Straczynski has written the current draft of the script.

“The genre always fascinated me”

Variety reports that Forster was hooked from the world go. Or, in this case, the word, “zombie”: "The genre always fascinated me, and when they pitched it to me, it reminded me of the paranoid conspiracy films of the '70s like “All The President's Men.”

It’s been in development by Paramount and Brad Pitt’s Plan B company since 2006 when the rights were bought up.

Having devoured the book, we can’t wait to see this one hit the screen.

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