M Night Shyamalan producing Devil

M Night Shyamalan has announced the first film that he’ll produce under his Night Chronicles banner: Devil.

The supernatural thriller is set to be directed by Poughkeepsie Tapes directing team John and Andrew Dowdle, who most recently helmed Quarantine.

Variety mentions that Devil’s plot – which will be penned by 30 Days Of Night screenwriter Brian Nelson from an idea by Shyamalan – is still a closely guarded secret, but we do know it’ll be set in – surprise! – Pittsburgh, Shyamalan’s usual territory.


The deal allows the Happening director to have his fingers in more creative pies – while he’s busy with The Last Airbender, his viral projects can spin off into our cinemas.

The plan is to make a film a year for three years based on Shyamalan’s ideas. We’re hoping it turns out better than his last couple of direct attempts. No one needs another Happening!