Live Free Or Die Hard teaser trailer launches

“Why are you so calm? Have you done that kind of stuff before?” Those are the first words – as spoken by Justin Long – that we’ve heard from the new Die Hard film, Live Free Or Die Hard, which has just thrown its teaser trailer up online.

It’s your typical teaser at first- lots of cityscape shots and imposing text on the screen, but there’s still plenty of action to be found here. If nothing else, it looks like Willis and Justin Long have been having a fine time dodging exploding cars, exploding fire extinguishers, exploding trucks… In fact, if it can explode, the chances are it will in this film. Oh, and Maggie Q looks good holding a gun. No surprise there, then.

It’s far too early to tell whether this latest franchise instalment – which sees McClane taking on techno-terrorists trying to take down the US government - will deliver the goods, but it’s certainly going to be a blast – hopefully in more ways than just the practical effects.

Check out the trailer in various QuickTime sizes by clicking here .

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