Leaked Smurf image online

Is it cute? Or strangely disturbing?

Either way, a new black-and-white image revealing the character design of a CGI smurf for the upcoming movie has sprung up online over at UGO .

It’s a ghostly, pigment-free photocopy that sort of gives us the heebies this early in the morning. Perky, out of proportion and wide-eyed, it’s frankly the stuff of nightmares.

Click the below image for a bigger version.

The flick is currently shooting in New York City’s Central Park, which is standing in for the Smurf Village. A mix of live action and CGI, it’s being directed by Raja Gosnell of Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Scooby-Doo .

After The Smurfs , expect this thing to turn up first in the Paranormal Activity sequel as a deadly poltergeist who kills people with happiness, and then Avatar 2 sometime in the next century.

Scared? Or are we just pansies?

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