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Laurence Fishburne is Perry White

Zack Snyder has revealed the final piece in the casting jigsaw for upcoming Superman film Man Of Steel , with Laurence Fishburne signing up to play Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet , Perry White.

According to the Los Angeles Times , Fishburne will become the first African-American actor to play the role in any of the many adaptations of the Superman comics. It’s another refreshing piece of thinking from Snyder, having already cast a Brit as Metropolis’s all-American saviour.

In any case, White’s racial background is far less important than his role as a tough but fair authority figure, qualities that Fishburne should have no problems in bringing to the big screen.

White made his first comic-book appearance in Superman #7, way back in 1940. He was played by Frank Langella in 2006’s Superman Returns . Man Of Steel will begin shooting in the autumn, ahead of a June 2013 release.


Is Fishburne the White man for the job? Tell us what you think.