Jessica Chastain could be Jane in new Tarzan movie

David Yates’ forthcoming Tarzan remake has reportedly homed in on its Jane, with Jessica Chastain thought to be Warner Bros' first choice to star as the jungle-based beauty.

Warner already has Alexander Skarsgård in its crosshairs for the title role, while Chastain would bring a healthy dose of Oscar-nominated class to proceedings.

The film has been in the works at Warner Bros for a good few years now, having initially been in the hands of Craig Brewer, before Harry Potter director Yates was drafted in to take the helm.

The new film will pick up with Tarzan after he has been reintegrated into human society, with the Queen (yes, the Queen) asking him to return to the jungle to investigate a vicious warlord causing havoc in the Congo.

Sounds like something of a departure from the traditional vine-swinging shenanigans, which would presumably strengthen the studio’s chances of getting Chastain. One to watch with interest over the coming months.

George Wales

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