Jeff Wadlow to rewrite Masters Of The Universe

Sony looks to have kick-started movement on its proposed Masters Of The Universe reboot, with Jeff Wadlow signing up to write a new version of the script.

Previously penned by Terry Rossio, the project has been in a state of flux ever since director Jon M. Chu jumped ship last year, but Sony looks to be keen to get things up and running once more.

According to THR ’s report, Wadlow has not been offered a deal to direct the film at this stage, but the possibility remains open further down the track.

In the meantime, Sony will be hoping that Wadlow can lick the screenplay into something approaching a shape they can feel confident in going forward.

Wadlow’s last directorial feature, Kick-Ass 2 , received something of a mixed response from critics, so he too could use a win here. Jim Carrey as Skeletor, anyone?

George Wales

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