Jake Gyllenhaal will play Joe Namath

While movies about legendary American Football players rarely get a lot of screen time over here, they truly love them across the pond.

Which explains why Universal has jumped on the story of Joe Namath, one of the most famous players in the sport’s history. The studio has decided to shove Jake Gyllenhaal into Namath’s uniform for a film that will chronicle his storied history.

Namath started his career at the University of Alabama before moving on to the New York Jets for a record $400,000 salary where he quickly became a star both off and on the field. He enjoyed a massively successful career and even ended up avoiding a stint in Vietnam because of knee injuries sustained during his various games.

"Most of the stuff you saw in Forest Gump, Joe lived through all of it," Jimmy Walsh, who first met Namath on the Alabama campus and has worked with him ever since, blabbed to Variety.

David Hollander will pen the script once the writers’ strike has finished, and there’s no director attached, so don’t expect it to get made just yet.