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Have We Seen Footage From Ghostbusters 3?

A Ghostbusters 3 viral site has hit the 'net and it's packed with footage, photos and preliminary sketches.

It's got behind the scenes effects videos featuring cars getting crushed and crowds getting scared. Hell, it's even got pictures of the new Proton Packs, which you can see in the gallery to your right.

There's only one small problem. Ghostbusters 3 hasn't started shooting yet.

So what are we watching when we're looking at videos like this one, which shows a taxi getting destroyed?

What are these people running from?

And what in the name of Slimer is an Ecto Dog?

We've got no idea, but we know it's probably got nothing to do with the movie. You need things like a cast before you start shooting stuff.

But still, the viral site exists for a reason - but what? Is it for the Ghostbuster 3 game? Are they shooting preliminary footage? Or an advert?

What do you think? Have a look at the site [ ] Then tell us below!