Gundam draws bead on PS3

Friday 2 February 2007
Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight will join the ranks of PlayStation 3's launch-day gaming options, publisher Atari has confirmed today, bringing Namco Bandai's poor-man's-Transformers action game to the attention of the console's early adopters.

We say poor-man's-Transformers because, well, despite the Japanese going utter bonkers over the Gundam brand, we Westerners aren't too fussed - a search on Metacritic sees the last Transformers game spankGundam's PS3 debut by75points to34. Or you can read our own not-so-positive review for further proof.

It'll still look mighty pretty, though. This next-gen outing for the anime-tastic series brings back the Federation and Zeon factions that fans will remember from previous games on PS2, and will be released this March.