Get a sneaky peek at 24 Season Six


“A new threat! A new day!” gargles the suitably throaty trailer-voice man during this ad for 24’s next season, brought to you in glorious explode-o-vision. A new threat, you say? Get away! And here we were expecting the sixth outing for Kiefer Sutherland and his CTU chums to be spent at a petting zoo.

But no, Randy the goat will have to find another Emmy-scooping counterterrorism unit to feed him carrots as Jack Bauer and co are busy battling some evil terrorists who have been blowing up all sorts of targets in America.

And yes, Bauer does get brought back from China where he ended up imprisoned at the end of Season Five, though from the looks of the trailer – which drums the message that he’s going to be handed to the terrorists as part of their demands – it’s going to be the usual round of torture, gunplay and running about for the American hero.

The series will hit the US in January, so we can expect it to air here shortly after. The trailer can be found by clicking here .