George A Romero goes to Solitary Isle

George A Romero may be the father of the modern zombie genre, but he’s stepping away from the rotting, walking dead for his next film. He’s just signed up to write and direct Solitary Isle for Hyde Park Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

Based on a short story written by Koji Suzuki (the fertile mind behind the tales that led to The Ring and Dark Water), Isle will see an expedition head to what they think is a deserted island. Naturally, things go all scare-shaped when they discover that there’s a deadly, unknown force stalking the place. And the explorers are the prime targets…

It’s planned as a low-budget horror (“low” in this instance being the Hollywood low of under $25 million), and is jointly funded by Hyde Park and a company called Kadokawa, which owns the rights to a shedload of Japanese short stories just itching to be made into movies. If Solitary Isle is a success, expect plenty more scares where that came from.