Garrett Hedlund talks On The Road adaptation

We can't wait to see Garrett Hedlund flinging 3D neon frisbees around in Tron Legacy. But we're not shallow, we like him for his brains too.

So we sat down to talk On The Road , the long-awaited adaptation of Jack Kerouac's hipster classic stream of consciousness fauxbiography.

And it appears to be a project Hedlund's passionate about.

He told Total Film: "On The Road is extremely special to me, because when I first read it at 16 0r 17, I looked it up online and it said Francis Ford Coppola was producing it or directing it.

I said 'Great, I'll never get a chance at this.' Now I'm playing Dean Moriarty and I couldn't be happier.

"I had been attached to it since September 2007. And I think, man, if I hadn't been able to do it, a part of me would definitely drowned a little bit."

On The Road is out in 2011

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