Forest Whitaker finds Patriots

Clearly glad to be directing a movie that doesn’t require him to wait months for special effects to be ready, Fantastic Four director Tim Story is busy trying to convinced Forest Whitaker that what he really wants to do with his spring schedule is coach basketball.

Actually, what he wants him for is Patriots, a drama about real-life hoops coach Al Collins, who led the eponymous team of players from a Louisiana school to the state championship a year after Hurricane Katrina left most of them displaced. "I've gotten caught up with the 'Fantastic Four' films but wanted to find a smaller film with heart, that brought me back to 'Barbershop,' and this has come together with one of the best actors out there," Story blabbed to Variety. "What Coach Collins did to give back the lives of his players is so inspiring."

It starts shooting in April and Variety has the story .