FilmFour for free

Tired of kicking back to watch a network premiere of a movie that even your Gran saw three years ago? Then light a match and stamp your feet because those lovely people at Channel 4 have decided to go all generous on us and give FilmFour away for free.

From 23 July, the new FilmFour will be showing 6 features a day, from 3pm to 3am. The roster of movies will maintain the channel’s reputation for broadcasting a diverse range of films – from classics to blockbusters with a sack-load of indie-flicks thrown into the mix as well.

“Channel 4 has a pedigree in film that is second to none amongst British broadcasters,” states Andy Duncan, Chief Exec for Channel 4. “We’ve not only showcased the best films on Channel 4 and FilmFour, we’ve actually funded and produced many of them as well. E4 has shown the ratings gains that can be made by going free-to-air and I’m convinced that a highly distinct and desirable brand like FilmFour can also make an impact on a wider audience.”

FilmFour launched in late 1998 as a subscription channel and currently boasts in excess of 300,000 subscribers. The channel has plans to further adapt to the market by creating a video-on-demand service over broadband later this year.

The sun’s shining, we’ve got decent free movies on the box… almost makes you forget those penalties, don’t it…