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Emile Hirsch is enticed by The Motel Life

emile hirsch

Speed Racer revved up in cinemas over three years ago, but it’s taken that long for Emile Hirsch to surrender himself to the lead role in another motion picture.

Now, though, he’s agreed to head up the adaptation of Willy Vlautin’s novel The Motel Life .

The story follows two brothers who abandon their home town of Reno after getting caught up in a terrible accident.

Motel Life currently has neither a writer or a director, with Hirsch being the first onboard. Producers Alan and Gabe Polsky hope to shoot the film later this year, though, meaning they might take on those responsibilities themselves.

After the well-intentioned but slightly overboard Speed Racer , Motel Life sounds like it’s back to basics for Hirsch, who previously turned in a stunning performance in drama Into The Wild . More of that, please.