Elfquest movie is on a new journey

If there’s one thing you can say about Rawston Thurber, it’s that the man refuses to be pigeonholed. He launched his writing/directing career with Dodgeball and for his follow-up has adapted Michael Chabon’s novel The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh.

Now he’s on to his third film, which will see him aiming to bring the Elfquest comics to the screen for Warners. First published in 1978, the series by Wendy and Richard Pini finds a tribe of elves called the Wolfriders trying to survive and meet other elves who’ve been dispersed across the world they inhabit, while battling humans and trolls.

It’s been turned into a hugely successful role playing game, and several producers have tried to make it work on the big screen, to no avail. Thurber is aiming to change all that. The Hollywood Reporter is trying to roll a saving throw .