Daniel Brhl excited by villain role in Captain America: Civil War

Daniel Brühl has been talking about his involvement in Captain America: Civil War, and has revealed his excitement to be involved with a superhero blockbuster on such a grand scale.

“It’s huge for me,” Brühl told WSJ. “From the world I am coming from and the movies I have done, this feels big - megalomania and huge. I think I will be walking around for the first week being amazed, like a little boy, to be in that universe.”

“It is going to be fantastic. It is something new. That is why it is a challenge. But it is something I am very much looking forward to because this is entertainment on the highest level.”

It has been rumoured that Brühl will be playing the villainous Baron Zemo in the new film, but even as a Marvel newcomer, the star is well-versed in the studio’s rigorous secrecy policy…

“I am not supposed to say anything,” says Brühl. “I cannot even talk about the part, really, because I would be too afraid to give something away and then I’ll end up in the Marvel prison and I do not want that.”

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and co-starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior and Scarlett Johansson, Captain America: Civil War will open in the UK on 29 April 2016 and the US on 6 May 2016.

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