Dallas helmer walks

Ok, so Dallas was all about the rucking and the f…fighting but is it really meant to start before the cameras are even rolling?

Aussie helmer Robert Luketic has suddenly walked out on production of the 80s TV show rehash – with People magazine reports suggesting it’s the casting choices that forced him out the door.

John Travolta has already scribbled on the dotted line to play the nastiest son’ bitch in Texas, JR Ewing, with Jennifer Lopez at his side as his long suffering (and slightly mental) wife, Sue Ellen.

The Ewing family tree is far from finalised but Luke Wilson and Shirley MacLaine are the latest to sign up, appearing as golden-boy Bobby and matriarch Miss Ellie respectively.

The reports failed to suggest which area of casting Monster-In-Law helmer Luketic might have an issue with but Doctor Dolittle helmer Betty Thomas is currently in the frame to head up the shoot, which will kick off in October.

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