Cuthbert's crazy, Chiwetel's combative

They say that love can blind you to a partner’s little faults, and Korean comedy My Sassy Girl certainly took that theory to the limit, pairing a mild-mannered chap with a crazed loon of a girl. Now comes the American version, in which Jesse Bradford is the bloke and Elisha Cuthbert is the sexy-but-zany lady.

We’re willing to bet that most men would put up with a little madness to go out with the former Kim Bauer, but Cuthbert’s Jordan seems a little off the deep end. Can true love swim? Check out the trailer gurgling round the YouTubes .

Also online today is a new trailer for David Mamet’s latest, Redbelt. This one delves into the story a little more and gives much more of the movie’s flavour than the previous teaser. Head over to watch.

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