Clooney escapes from Tehran

Forget the remake, we were just thinking how great it would be to see a new Snake Plissken Escape mission on our screens and then whaddayaknow, as if fate was Carpenter fan, along comes this tasty bit of news about a movie in the pipeline called Escape From Tehran. We were just about to don eye patches and grow unkempt mullets until we discovered the project is actually the latest picture to come from George Clooney’s Smokehouse stable.

Clooney is teaming up with Grant Heslow, with whom he co-wrote Good Night And Good Luck, to co-scribe the hostage dramedy for Warner Bros.

The film will follow the unlikely pairing of make-up artist John Chambers and CIA operative Tony Mendez, who used a fake movie project as a ruse to help smuggle six Americans out of Tehran during the hostage crisis of 1979.

Warner recently secured the rights to Joshua Berman’s Wired Magazine article, which detailed the real-life intelligence plot and will be used as the basis for the movie.

Clooney is rumoured to be starring in and possibly directing the picture, but first he’ll have to wash out the grass stains from his upcoming 1920s American football flick Leatherheads, scheduled for release in December.