Chronicle 2 gets a new screenwriter

Chronicle 2 is moving steadily forward, with Fox moving to replace the departed Max Landis with new screenwriter, Jack Stanley.

It has been nearly a year since Landis revealed the sequel would be moving forward without him, after he and the studio fell out over the direction the second film should take.

According to Landis, the studio’s complaint was that his sequel was too much of a departure from the original, with Fox keen to recapture the feel of the film that performed so well at the box office.

Now it seems that the studio has found the man for the job, in the form of the 25-year-old Stanley. At this stage there are no fully produced works on his slate, although he does have high-school assassin movie Sweetheart in development.

At present there is no director or release date attached to the film, but with a writer now on board, expect the wheels to begin turning in the next couple of months.

George Wales

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