Capote director discovers The Immortalist

It can’t be an easy task to follow up your first film, particularly when it scored five Oscar nominations and saw star Philip Seymour Hoffman walk away with a golden baldie.

But that’s exactly the situation facing Capote director Bennett Miller, who has found the movie that he plans to make next. He’s set up The Immortalist at Paramount’s indie Vantage arm.

There aren’t any official plot details available yet, but the film is described as a character-driven stare into the world of people searching for a way to cheat death. But this time, he won’t be relying on the services of scriptwriter Dan Futterman – Dante Harper is on scribbling duty. Miller claims it’s not sci-fi, more a drama based on people seeking very real solutions to death’s grip. Hhhm… Not sci-fi? We’ll believe it when we see it.