Cameron takes a Dive

As we revealed to you some time back, James Cameron has finally prized himself out of a wetsuit long enough to develop sci-fi flicks Project 880 and Battle Angel – now he’s started, it seems the 51 year old Canadian can’t stop and the movie-pile is mounting.

Jim has netted Laeta Kalogridis to write The Dive, a tragic love story based on the true events surrounding freediver Francisco Ferraras and his missus Audrey Mestre.

Kalogridis is currently busy helping JC scribble Battle Angel which, along with The Dive, will be produced by 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Pictures.

Ferraras and Mestre’s story follows them to the darkest depths of the ocean, where Mestre set the world record for freediving after one gulp of air – an astonishing 557.7 feet.

The project is expecting to surface in cinemas late in 2007.