Buzz Uncut: Bald Cheek

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

This is the one where Jack Nicholson ends up being put into a mental home and has his brain removed cos he was being a bit of a trouble causer. The brain amazes me. I always look at images of brains on the internet and try to work out how it can hold all the stuff in it. It’s probably the most ugly looking bit in the body but the most amazing. Mine isn’t as good as I’d like it to be. It doesn’t concentrate that well. I can be trying to think about something and it just gets bored and starts thinking about something else. Even though it’s in my head, I’m not sure I’m in charge of it.


This is a really old film that was banned for years. It was a film about one of those travelling circus type things (like what the Elephant man was involved in) All the actors in this film were for real though. The most amazing one being a bloke who had no arms or legs but could shave using a razor in his mouth, the dullest one in it was a woman who had a beard. Let’s face it, if the man with no arms and legs can have a shave there’s no reason why the woman couldn’t. I think she must of liked the attention.