Building The $40,000 Man

Many, many moons ago, we reported in the mag a news rumour about a new version of The Six Million Dollar Man with Chris Rock possibly working with the Farrellys on a comedy version where the hero in question is a little… cheaper.

So it was only a matter of time before someone else cooked up that idea. And that time is now, with those someones ending up as writer Jonathan Goldstein and writer/actor John Francis Daley.

They’ve sold a pitch to New Line that find a legendary astronaut horribly injured in a car crash and rebuilt by the government – on a budget of just (you guessed it) $40,000. Naturally, this makes him comically rubbish.

"We were thinking about the whole concept of the 'The Six Million Dollar Man,' and we thought that it would be funny if the government didn't have enough money," Daley blabbed to The Hollywood Reporter. As fans of cult, cancelled Judd Apatow series Freaks And Geeks, we’re hoping this means Daley will bring his nerdy comedy chops back to the screen.

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