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Brave debuts a pair of new images

Brave , Pixar's latest animated feature, has released a pair of new images featuring the feisty Princess Merida, proving she’s not only a dab hand with a bow and arrow, she can swing a sword as well!

The first image shows Merida sparring with her father, the venerable King Fergus (Billy Connolly), while her mother Elinor (Emma Thompson) watches on disapprovingly.

Throughout the material we’ve seen so far, it seems as though Fergus, a proud warrior himself, is more tolerant of Merida’s lust for adventure. It’s Elinor who has to keep reminding her daughter of her duty to maintain the customs of the land and take a respectable husband.

The second image shows Merida flying in the face of such caution, brandishing a broadsword against an unseen threat, while the menfolk attempt to subdue a rather sad-eyed grizzly in the background.

After a few uninspiring early images, it’s good to see Pixar’s marketing team focusing upon the film’s action-orientated scenes, and we’re finally beginning to get quite excited about this tale of Highland adventure.

Brave opens in the UK on 17 August 2012.

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