Bond Villain 2 - Rick Yune

Tell us about Zao.
The crux of this character is that he wants to unite North and South Korea. It’s not just about money or greed – the basis of it is coming up with something good. And he goes through a tremendous transformation. So I think this is going to be a different type of villain. But still true to the Bond spirit.

Do you have many fight scenes with Pierce Brosnan?
Yeah. He was very impressive ’cos he’s quite a lot older than I am, but he poses a challenge. I’m the one that Bond’s chasing from the beginning, and it has to build up. Working with Pierce, you have to bring yourself up to a new level.

This is only your third film, and you’re a self-confessed Bond nut. How daunting is it?
Listen, I’ve been watching these films since I was a kid, it’s hard to explain... I mean, I have my own spy car! What villain has ever had his own spy car? I push a button and a machine-gun comes out! It was a great challenge, getting a hold of all this. I’ve been like a giddy kid.