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Undercovers Clip

Video clip from JJ Abrams’s new TV series. It’s not strictly speaking SFX territory, but this is JJ, so how long before it is?

Undercovers is the new spy series exec produced by JJ Abrams which begins airing on NBC this Fall. Starring Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (who played Martha Jones’s sister in Doctor Who) it’s about a husband and wife team of CIA agents. It’s not strictly speaking SFX territory, but hey, this is JJ Abrams, so it could well start straying into our genre at any time (like Alias did).

“I think the fun of this new show is that it is lighter and comedic in terms of a sweeter approach,” says Abrams. “It is not an out and out comedy necessarily but it is combining a genre that I love with an attitude and a tone that I have not seen before. So that will be at least a fun experiment.”