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The Hobbit to be directed by Neill Blomkamp?

The Hobbit Neill Blomkamp

The Hobbit rumour mill has added District 9 s Neill Blomkamp to its parade of possible directors that already includes David Yates, Brett Ratner and David Dobkin.

Blomkamp's name isn't as far fetched as recent rumours, having worked with producer Peter Jackson on his Oscar-nommed breakout hit District 9 .

The fan reaction to Blomkamp's mention has been good, though public and studio opinion still seems to lean heavily toward Jackson himself, who has steadfastly denied he's set to direct.

The production has also been hit by MGM’s well publicised financial difficulties, causing original director Guillermo Del Toro to jump ship.

The Blomkamp rumour is that latest in several similar stories over the past two weeks, probably a case of the studio trying to gauge fan’s reaction to the different directors before they decide who to hire.

So, what do you think Neill Blomkamp could bring to The Hobbit ?