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New trailer arrives for Paper Man

After all the jibber-jabber regarding Ryan Reynolds’ CGI suit in Green Lantern (we wonder if he’s bummed he doesn’t get a proper outfit to wear to parties), here’s a glimpse of him superheroed up to the nines.

Alright, it’s not for Green Lantern . But it is for a cool-looking indie flick called Paper Man , starring Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone.

The directorial debut of husband-wife team Kieran and Michele Mulroney, Paper Man follows Jeff Daniels’ writer Richard Dunn, who’s going through something of a tough time.

Married but miserable, Dunn is a novelist who just can’t seem to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard. Or whatever. In his desperation, he creates an imaginary superhero (Reynolds) who helps him through his woes.

Then Dunn meets teenager Abby (Stone), with whom he strikes up a surprising friendship that he knows he has to hide from his wife (Lisa Kudrow).

Really, it’s indie through and through, but could turn out to be a sweet little cinema filler – especially as it’s opening in the US a week after Kick-Ass , and should be able attract a similar crowd. Watch below...

What’s with Reynolds nicking all the superhero roles? Think this is a good or a bad thing?