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New Robin Hood clip online

As we start to get beside ourselves excited about the upcoming Cannes festival, those people over at Universal aren’t helping our nervous disposition any.

They’ve just released another clip from opening night film Robin Hood , and it’s getting us more hyper than a kid with an M&M’s addiction.

Showing off what looks like one of the flick’s first battle sequences, Robin and his band of merry men attempt to lay siege to a castle (Nottingham’s?). All shout-y, flame-y and fight-y, it’s typical Ridley Scott, and we love it.

Opening just after its Cannes debut, Robin Hood enters theatres on 12 May and has a collectively awesome cast that includes Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, Mark Strong and Danny Huston.

Check out the clip below...

In other clip news, a new sneak peek at the Nightmare On Elm Street remake has premiered over at Shock Till You Drop . Click here to take a look .

Excited for Scott’s version of Hood?

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