Lost Symbol to hit the big screen

All you need is the numbers to understand why Columbia Pictures have finally decided to make Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol into a movie.

Well, just one number, really: $1.2bn. That’s how much the film adaptations of The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons have made so far.

So, even though Angels And Demons ’ haul fell a few million short of its predecessor’s, it was always going to be more of a case of ‘when’, not ‘if’ with this third literary romp.

All we know so far is that Steven Knight, scriptwriter of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things , has been tapped to adapt the book.

Neither Tom Hanks or Ron Howard have signed on yet, but we can assume that their love of Brown’s labyrinthine plots and globe-trotting sensibilities will lure them back for a third round of code cracking.

The Lost Symbol is currently the fastest selling adult novel in history Stateside, and again sees Harvard symbologist Langdon (Hanks) chasing a mystery - this time it’s all about the Freemasons.

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