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Gilligans Island goes movie-sized

Fancy seeing Michael Cera play Gilligan and Beyoncé Knowles tackle the role of Ginger?

Well, back when a Gilligan’s Island film was announced in 2008, producer Sherwood Schwartz name-dropped those two as potential stars of the adap.

Things went quiet after that. But now Variety have reported that Warner Bros are actively developing the film alongside Atlas Entertainment.

Brad Copeland is currently writing the script. The good? He wrote some episodes of Arrested Development and My Name Is Earl . The bad? He also wrote Wild Hogs and the upcoming Yogi Bear film. Yeah, this could go either way.

One promising name definitely attached to the project is Dark Knight producer Charles Roven, who is working behind the scenes to get this made.

The original series of Gilligan's Island first aired in 1964, and followed the lives of seven men and women stranded on an island after a devastating storm.

We don’t think there will be any polar bears or conspiracy theories, but you never know.

Could this be a Carry On answer to Lost ?