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Ghost Whisperer Cancelled, Medium Renewed

US Network in "shows some taste" shocker

In a surprise move US TV network CBS has axed Ghost Whisperer and renewed Medium for the 2010/11 TV season… whereas most pundits had expected (feared?) the complete opposite.

Neither show was exactly a ratings powerhouse, but both had performed well enough in the notorious Friday night graveyard slot. Indeed, Ghost Whisperer was regularly winning its slot, so its cancellation (on a sheer numbers level at least) seems a bit harsh. But, let’s be honest, it was a load of sentimental twaddle, whereas Medium has blood and gore and weird shit going on. But you may also recall that CBS rescued Medium from cancellation after NBC axed it in 2009 after five seasons, so you'd have expected Medium to be the one in a shaky position.

So, for once, it seems like a US network is basing its decision on, gulp, quality . Blimey. Either that, or Medium really is a cheap to make as it looks, making it more cost effective. 50% of it seems to be filmed in Allison and Joe’s bedroom…