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Costner plans A Little War Of Our Own

Costner is set to return with WWII action adventure A Little War of Our Own ; his first film as actor and director since 2003’s Open Range .

Written by Wyatt Earp’s Dan Gordon, Costner plays a sheriff striving to keep peace within a small American town whilst war explodes over seas.

The rumour mill has already begun; apparently Costner wants Christoph Waltz, Oscar-nominated for his role in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, to play a German U-Boat commander.

But hold your excitement, Costner and Beacon Pictures have only just knuckled down to the casting and nothing’s been confirmed.

We're not sure how small-town Amrican drama will fit with the action and adventure elements promised in the pitch, but some quality U-boat action is long overdue on screen - especially if it involves Waltz.

Armyan Bernstein, Chairman of Beacon Pictures, is doing his best Joel Silver impression in selling the project;

"The canvas is epic - this has been a dream project for Kevin and I for years."

Shooting on the pic is scheduled to start this Autumn.

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