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Another new Super 8 trailer online

super 8

A new trailer for Super 8 premiered at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend.

JJ Abrams’ first film since the megahit Star Trek reboot, Super 8 follows a group of kids in the ‘70s whose town is terrorised by an unseen force.

Think The Goonies meets E.T. and you’re halfway there.

Cleverly showing us the same train wreck that we first glimpsed over a year ago in Super 8 ’s initial teaser, this new trailer shows us the same event but from the perspective of our young leads.

There are also some impressive scenes of destruction (just look at that street), as well as hints at the social repercussions of the devastation (hint: looting galore).

In short, this is going to be immense.

Check out the new trailer below...

Super 8 opens 5 August 2011 in the UK, and this Friday in the US.