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Andrew Garfield to tread down Back Roads

andrew garfield

Spider-Man reboot star and all-round great guy Andrew Garfield has signed on to star in the movie adaptation of Tawni O’Dwell’s novel Back Roads .

He’ll share the screen with the excellent Marcia Gay Harden and Jennifer Garner, with Fatal Attraction ’s Adrian Lyne at the helm.

A murder mystery, the story follows a young man (Garfield) who’s charged with taking care of his three sisters when his mother’s sent to prison for murdering his father.

Garner will play a friendly neighbour whom the young man gets all romantic with, while Harden will play the man’s therapist. Other high profile actresses are currently in talks to play the sisters.

After the action-heavy antics of Spider-Man , Garfield’s clearing looking to wind things down with a more grounded emotional drama that should have some pretty dark material in it.

Frankly, whatever he does, we’re there.