Alex Kurtzman talks Venom spin-off

Alex Kurtzman has been discussing the forthcoming Venom spin-off, and while he stops short of giving too many details away, he does reveal that a lot of thought is going into the adaptation process.

As is the case with many comic-book characters, Venom has been presented in several different forms throughout the years, and choosing which of these iterations to adapt has been one of Kurtzman’s biggest challenges.

“I would not say [ picking the incarnation of Venom is ] an easy choice,” begins Kurtzman. “I would say that there are quite a few things about Venom that are interesting.”

“Venom had several different iterations, and there are several things that are very unique, interesting and specific. And so I think we all want to make sure that we’re making the right choices for a character that’s so beloved.”

“Before last Friday came out, we started kind of roughing out a story,” he continues. “Ed Solomon’s going to be writing it very soon. I can’t tell you too much, but I’m really excited about it.”

As is to be expected, he’s keeping his cards pretty close to his chest, but it’s good to know the appropriate amount of deliberation is being taken to make sure justice is done to the character. We’ll find out how successful he’s been when the film lands in 2017…

George Wales

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