Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant go for the same part...

We don't know, you wait for one wine tasting film and two show up at once. And, according to reports coming from UK Teletext (it's the telly internet, you know), some of Britain's best thesps (and Jude Law) are lining up to appear in at least one of them.

Both films focus on the controversial 1976 Paris wine tasting event, which shattered the long-held belief that French wine is the best in the world, much to the chagrin of its organiser Steven Spurrier.

Rickman's already signed on to play Spurrier in Bottle Shock but now a competing project, Judgement Of Paris, has popped its cork.

Hugh Grant and Jude Law are said to be knocking back the pinot noir (or not), in an attempt to win the lead in the second Spurrier flick - which has the advantage of owning the life-rights to Steven's tale.

Still, we don't care. We're pinning our hopes on Bottle Shock. Any film which stars Severus Snape knocking back alcoholic potions is all right by us.

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