1,000 Warner Bros workers face sack

Striking writers may have scored a victory this week after the Golden Globes were officially cancelled, but by Friday any celebrations may have to be swiftly halted.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Friday marks the first day Warners WARN notices - advance warnings of possible job eliminations - come into effect.

Warners 60-day warnings were sent out on November 12 - making this Friday the deadline day for their employees to lay down their strike signs.

We're sure writers would appreciate the fact that this particular studio is the first to send out WARNs, if only from an alliterative point of view.

But what none of us appreciate is the idea of film folk losing their jobs.

Still, don't get angry at WB - no-one's been fired yet, and we're sure that they're just following policy. As WB spokeswoman Stacey Hoppe said: "These WARN notices were sent because, in certain circumstances, federal and California law can require employers to give notice of staffing changes. Due to the ongoing WGA work stoppage, some studio divisions will have to lay off employees. We regret the impact this will have on our employees, and we hope to bring them back to work once the WGA strike ends."

Go over to The Hollywood Reporter for the full story. It makes for startling reading.

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