Razzies 2011: Last Airbender and Eclipse top nominations

Worst films of 2010 competing for Top of the Flops...

The 2011 Razzie nominations are here, and M. Night Shyamalan's big screen adaptation of television cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender is up for 8 including new category 'Worst Eye-Gouging Use of 3D'.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse attracted an equal number of nods.

Shyamalan is maintaining a Razzie record that includes nominations - and wins - for The Happening (2008) and Lady in the Water (2006).

In the past Shyamalan has stated that he never listens to criticism of his work - "I just shut the door and write." His current projects include making two sequels to The Last Airbender .

British actor Dev Patel picked up a Worst Supporting Actor nom, alongside fellow Airbender alumni and Eclipse actor Jackson Rathbone.

Other films that received multiple nods were Sex and the City 2 , which gained 7 nominations, and the unloved Jennifer Aniston romcom The Bounty Hunter , which gained 3.

Critically loathed spoof Vampires Suck completed the Worst Picture line-up.

The Razzie Awards ceremony is a great place to spot Hollywood's good sports - however, we predict that Mr Shyamalan will be staying in to write his next magnum opus on the big night.

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