EA's PS3 software sales up 192%

PS3 topping an all-round year-on-year rise in net revenues

For Electronic Arts, PlayStation 3 software led the way in terms of net revenue growth during the company's fiscal Q4.

On a GAAP basis, EA's PS3 software net revenues were $152 million, a year-on-year increase of 192 percent during the quarter ended March 31, the firm said in its earnings report. Xbox 360 software sales grew 56 percent, reaching $128 million, while lower-priced Wii software grew 108 percent to $75 million.

PS2 revenues led the way with net revenues of $166 million, a 42 percent year-over-year increase (although PS2 software sales declined on a non-GAAP basis).

PSP software brought in net revenues of $69 million, a 77 percent increase, while Nintendo DS sales were up 33 percent to $36 million for the quarter.

Mobile game sales were $41 million, up 14 percent.

EA's top titles during fiscal 2008 were Rock Band, FIFA 08, Madden NFL 08, Need for Speed: ProStreet, The Simpsons Game, Tiger Woods PGA Golf 08, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, MySims, NBA Live 08 and Army of Two.

Courtesy of CVG

May 15, 2008

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