The PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter Dust 514 has started its open beta. The open battlefield FPS puts players in the combat boots of mercenaries in the EVE Online universe. But behind this average-looking multiplayer title are some remarkably innovative ideas. Most notably, Dust 514 syncs up with developer CCP's Eve Online, letting players coordinate with their space-borne comrades to rain down orbital bombardments in Dust's ground battles. See the action for yourself in the latest trailer below.

We recently got a look at the latest build of Dust 514, and the developers have made quite a few improvements in the visuals since our previous Dust 514 preview. We did notice there were still some muddy textures when we got up close to the metal crates and some objects in the environment. The developers also mentioned that there will be major visual updates, like an improved vegetation system, and content updates surrounding the 10-year anniversary of Eve Online coming in the near future.

The full release of Dust 514 is coming on the PS3 later this year.


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