Zelda Rubinstein dies, aged 76

Chances are if you’re a fan of Poltergeist , you love a woman called Zelda Rubinstein.

Sadly, it falls to us to report that the scene-stealing psychic from Steven Spielberg’s seminal ‘80s classic has passed away.

Despite reports that she was on the mend earlier this month after a battle with ill health, Rubinstein was taken off life support and died naturally in her sleep at Barlow Respiratory Hospital, Los Angeles.

The diminutive actress’ agent Eric Stevens told RadarOnline.com: "She had ongoing health issues and unfortunately they finally overtook her."

Meanwhile, a friend said: “She was very much at peace when she finally rested... The world has definitely lost someone very special.”

Rubinstein became a cult favourite among horror and sci-fi fans alike after her appearance in Poltergeist as psychic ghost whisperer Tangina. She went on to star in the film’s first sequel, as well as Sixteen Candles and National Lampoon’s Last Resort among others.

Here's a little something in her honour:

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