Wear your own spoiler warning sign

Yes, we know, Bruce Willis's character is really... WAIT! NO! Are you the kind of person who goes around spoiling movie endings and TV twists for others? Maybe you can't help yourself, you're just so excited about finding out who the final Cylon is that you have to shout it out in the office. Of course, we'd never do that. Ahem. But if you are that sort of person, perhaps you need a t-shirt like this?

Now it's possible to warn everybody in advance that you're a potential spoiler bomb, by acquiring one of our exclusive SFX t-shirts. We've launched a cool new site where you can buy sci-fi, TV and film t-shirts, superhero and comics gear, hoodies, patches and loads more. New t-shirts and other cool items are being added every week, but we can't think of anything more useful than this "may contain spoilers" garment right now.

The SFX merchandise site accepts credit cards and PayPal, and is protx secured for online payments. Take a look, and bookmark it for all your future clothing needs.