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Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded
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Our Warzone 2 guide breaks down all the information you need to stay alive in the battle Royal or the DMZ. If it's in Al Mazrah there's probably something here to help you not get killed by it. From battle pass to guns, loadouts and more, there's a lot to learn.

With Warzone 2 Season 2 on the way there's bound to be some changes soon and some new things to learn so it's the perfect time to make sure you've got the basics down. Whatever you need to find out about our Warzone 2 guide covers everything you need to worry about in Al Mazrah

Here's what's in the Battle pass

Warzone 2

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The Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass will let you earn a range of awards as you level up and collect points. It's completely different to the old system though, letting you choose what you unlock and how you move though it. It's a great idea and one that gives you much more freedom to pick what you get, but if it feels weird just read our guide to see how it works and everything you can unlock.

The new Al Mazrah map

warzone 2 map al mazrah

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The new Warzone 2 map Al Mazrah, is a huge and varied place, with a lot of new terrain and areas to learn. Allegedly the "biggest battle royale map that Infinity Ward has ever made" it currently packs in 18 points-of-interest, including deserts, cities, industrialised zones. urban areas, flooded parts, and a river system runs through it all so boats are far more useful this time. It also incorporates Modern Warfare 2 maps and a range of Verdansk influences like Quarry, Airport, and the Observatory.

Best guns and loadouts

The best Warzone 2 loadouts are obviously a hotly contested list of weapons, perks and gear. Everyone has their favorites, while the gradually shifting meta and updates changes will mean things drift in and out of fashion. What 'we've got here though is a solid set of options that should help you make an impact in Al Mazrah.

When it comes to the best Warzone 2 guns in Modern Warfare 2 it's an ever changing list of options. Whether it's patches, or YouTuber opinions, names and suggestion come and go almost daily for what people think works. Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning also means that you can change guns up a lot from their basic set up once you unlock it.

Here are some of the best guns in Warzone 2:

How are the servers and what error codes have appeared? 

If you're ever having any trouble getting on online then you can check our Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 servers and Warzone 2 error codes guides. The first one will clue you in on any technical issues. While the second one will help you with any error codes you might be encountering, and any fixes that might exist. We track and update both whenever anything goes wrong so either one should help you identify any issues or fixes you might encounter. 

Warzone 2 Stronghold keys

warzone 2 DMZ stronghold key

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There are fortified buildings scattered around Warzone 2 and the DMZ that Stronghold keys to get into. However, while the game tells you you['ll need one to open the doors, it never says where to get them. The short answer is from lucky random drops from AI soldiers, or bought from a pay station, but check out guide for all the information on that. 

How to win in the DMZ

Warzone 2

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The Warzone 2 DMZ mode is a mission based battle for loot where you'll mostly fight AI in search of loot and objectives. Other players are a threat but this is less about being the last man standing and more about ticking off your goals and getting out with whatever you've won - if you die, you not only lose what you got, but everything you took in with you. If you're really unlucky you could even end up with no weapons left to use and have to risk dropping in with a random gun. We've got some basic  Warzone DMZ tips to get you started. 

There's also a ton of objectives to take on as you play DMZ, as well as things to find on the map once you're there. Things like the Warzone 2 DMZ chemist, a mini boss you can summon and defeat to earn the M13B assault rifle if you can extract with it.

If you're really good you can try and take on DMZ Building 21. This is a separate area you can only access if you safely extract with a key from the Al Mazrah DMZ. It's a tough lab area with even tougher bosses, as well as other players all competing to extract high value weapon cases - get enough and you'll unlock the Warzone 2 Chimera.

Shadow bans

If you're not sure what a Warzone shadow ban is, or more importantly, if you've been shadowbanned yourself, here's where we explain all that. It's a mysterious system that is supposed to group cheating account together but it can also affect people who've done nothing wrong. The whole 'shadow' bit can also make it hard to tell if you've been affected so read up to find out more. 

Here's what all the soldier kills talk means

Both warzone 2 and the DMZ mode feature AI soldiers you can encounter and battle as you play. That can tie into objectives and challenges, so if you ever see any talk of  Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills and don't know what it means, check the information we have there. 

Check out police stations for the Basilisk revolver

Whether you want a good place to gear up, or to find the Basilisk used in a DMX challenge, the Warzone 2 Police Stations are where you want to be. There are three to find and we've got them all highlighted on a map to make things easier for you. 

Black site keys

Warzone 2 Black Site Key Stronghold guide

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Finding a Warzone 2 Black Site Key will get you some game changing loot like Durable gas masks, a Minigun, Advance UAVs and Killstreaks and plenty more. Not to mention you'll also get the Phantom’s Call Vaznev-9K blueprint. These are though though as you'll need to clear a Stronghold first and then find the Black Site, battling AI and other players along the way. If you survive it could set you up for a win but you do have to survive.  

Get a Warzone 2 Nuke

Warzone 2 nuke

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The Warzone 2 nuke let's you really win a game by blasting everyone on the entire map into ablivion. It's not exactly easy to do though as you'll have to get five wins in a row before you can even start trying to set one off. 

Every vehicle in Warzone 2

Warzone 2

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Here's a list of every vehicle in Warzone 2: 

  • ATV: Nimble three-seater with little protection
  • UTV: All-terrain lightweight four-seater.
  • Hatchback: Four-door civilian vehicle without any significant protection.
  • SUV: All-terrain civilian 4x4 with a boxy frame.
  • GMC Hummer EV: All-electric supertruck engineered for off-road.
  • Cargo Truck: Large industrial vehicle with a flatbed.
  • Light Helo: Twin-engine light helicopter for rapid traversal and combat support.
  • Heavy Chopper: Heavily armored search-and-rescue helicopter.
  • RHIB: Maneuverable tactical boat designed for Special Forces.
  • Armored Patrol Boat: Reinforced aquatic vehicle with mounted .50 Cal machine guns.

Remember, you can run out of fuel so you'll also need to look out for gas stations and fuel cans. 

Warzone Mobile will share progression

Warzone Mobile screenshot

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The Warzone Mobile release date is set for 2023, and Infinity Ward is promising that it'll be a faithful conversion. The Warzone Mobile map is confirmed to be Verdansk from the original Warzone, which will host 120 players. Warzone Mobile will replicate the core Warzone experience, including finishers, contracts, the Gulag, and the ability to revive squad members from Buy Stations. Warzone Mobile will not feature any crossplay with Warzone 2 players on PC and console, although it will have shared battle pass progression with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. 

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